Travis Scott’s Rome Concert Reportedly Results In 60 Injured Fans

Bad luck has struck again for Travis Scott.

via: Vibe

His Rome show resulted in 60 people getting injured. The show took place on Monday (Aug. 7) and literally shook things as up as CNN reported hundreds of residents called local fire services concerned about an earthquake; in reality, it was just the movement of the crowd. This was in large part due to the energetic nature of the 32-year-old superstar’s music and a surprise appearance by his mentor Kanye West.

While “raging” goes hand-in-hand with a Cactus Jack concert and has caused injuries in the past, there was the unexpected presence of pepper spray. An attendee used the lacrimator on several people at the show and left them needing medical attention. Fortunately, none were severely hurt. One of the worst injuries, however, came from a 14-year-old who tried to climb a fake wall and sneak into the concert, only to fall 13 feet to the ground.

The chaos from Travis Scott’s show at Circus Maximus has local people wanting there to be no more live shows at the ancient site, especially as they may be causing damage. Alfonsina Russo, director of the head of the Colosseum Archeological Park, is leading the campaign.

“The Circus Maximus is a monument. It is not a stadium, not a concert hall,” she told Italian news service AGI. “These mega rock concerts put it at risk, including the Palatine Hill nearby. Rock concerts should be held in stadiums so as not to endanger public safety.” Bruce Springsteen, Guns N’ Roses, and more bands have also performed at the historic venue in 2023.

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