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B. Scott, The Multimedia Maven, is the ultimate tastemaker.

B. Scott popped into living rooms across the world in 2007 as one of YouTube’s first Internet celebrities and has since transformed his humble video platform into one of the largest independent celebrity news and entertainment networks in the digital space.

B. Scott has interviewed numerous A-List celebrities including his good friend, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Chaka Khan, to name a few. 

B. Scott’s television appearances include hosting the BET Awards Pre-Show, guest spots on HLN’s Dr. DrewShowbiz Tonight and The Daily Share, Bravo’s Chef Roblé & Co., BET’s 106 and Park, Access Hollywood, Extra, The Ricki Lake Show, The Tyra Banks Show and both seasons of Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular. His acting credits include roles in LOGO’s The Skinny and Netflix’s DTLA. B. Scott also hosted his own popular Sirius/ XM Satellite Radio show, The B. Scott Show on Jamie Foxx’s channel, The Foxxhole.

FORBES: Celebrity Gossip Guru B. Scott On The Business Of Pop Culture Blogging

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  1. Harry A. Mitchell III

    Ms. B. Scott,
    I was watching the series premiere of “DTLA” (which I really enjoyed) on Netflix and decided to check out the web site. Daniel Roberts originally caught my attention in the episode. I thought to myself that he looked familiar. I discovered that the reason I knew him was because he was on MTV’s “Real World.” As I went through the cast I saw another familiar face. I thought, “I know that beautiful face.” I clicked and there it said, B. Scott. I thought to myself, “I remember her!” I used to watch you back in the day when you first started your videos and YouTube. Some how you had fallen off my radar. I remember how much I loved watching you on YT and how much joy you brought to me and how much I loved your sassiness. I am so happy I have found you again. You are more fabulous now then you have ever been. You have really made my day, thanks for that. I am sorry to hear what happened to you on BET. What fools they were! Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching your work on DTLA.
    Love always, your big fan,

  2. I stated watching B Scott over 5 years a go when I was transitioning from Washington DC to back to Dallas. I always known about the You Tube blogs she was the first show me I could make money with the affiliate programs by looking at his blog thank for showing to brother how it’s done.

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  4. “Stumbled” on her on my facebook page. I don’t know how anyway but the website looks interesting…

  5. I Started Watching B Scott Over 3 Years Ago When I was Nine Grade .. I Always Knew About The You Tube Until I Check Out The Facebook, Blog .. He was The First Show Me I Could Make Money With Affiliate Programs By looking At His Blog.. Thanks For Showing A Brother How It’s Done.. May The Lord Bless You All..

  6. She needs to support my XS Energy Drinks network for real

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