So Sad: Mother of Cop Killed in Las Vegas Shooting Dies of a Heart Attack Two Days After Son's Funeral

The mother of a cop killed in the Las Vegas shooting massacre suffered a heart attack and passed away just two days after her son’s funeral.

via NYDN:

Sheryl Stiles fell while riding a hotel escalator and suffered a heart attack after attending Metro Police Officer Charleston Hartfield’s funeral in Las Vegas Friday, the Las Vegas Journal-Review reported.

“We came to bury my nephew and then the next thing we know, I have to bury my sister,” Lewis Stiles, Stiles’ brother, told Fox5 Las Vegas.

Lewis Stiles, who traveled from Kentucky to Vegas for his nephew’s funeral, said his sister suffered brain damage after the fall, according to the Review.

“No one expected anything like this to happen,” Cecil Ralston, Sheryl’s cousin, told the newspaper.

Stiles was transported to a Clark County hospital before being transferred to another where she was taken off life support Sunday.

Stiles’ family believes she died of a broken heart.

“I talked to the chaplain of Metro,” her cousin told the TV station. “He told me she kept saying ‘Oh I want to stay, I want to be with Charleston,’ that she wanted to die.”

Hartfield, a 34-year-old military veteran, was among the 58 killed when shooter Stephen Paddock sprayed hundreds of bullets into a country music festival from his Mandalay Bay hotel room on Oct 1. Paddock fatally shot himself as authorities closed in on him.

A GoFundMe page was set up for Sheryl to cover her funeral expenses.

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