Police Release Statement Regarding Detainment of Actress Daniele Watts: 'No crime had been committed'


The Los Angeles police department responsible for wrongfully detaining actress Daniele Watts after allegedly mistaking her for a prostitute has issued a statement in its defense.

If you recall, Daniele and her husband (who happens to be white) both posted lengthy accounts — complete with photos and video — of their horrible encounter with Los Angeles Police Department after what they claim was a racial profiling incident.

According to the L.A. Times, the department has opened an investigation into what happened.

Police said the caller complained that a male and a female were involved in indecent exposure inside a Silver Mercedes with the vehicle door open. Patrol officers and a sergeant from North Hollywood Division responded to the 11900 block of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City and “located two individuals that matched the description of the suspects, and they were briefly detained,” authorities said.

“Upon further investigation it was determined that no crime had been committed,” police said in a prepared statement. “Ms. Watts and her companion were subsequently released.”

An internal complaint investigation has been initiated regarding the incident, police said.

Her companion? Why is it that the LAPD refused to acknowledge him as her husband?

It’ll be interesting to see what comes of their investigation — if anything.



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