Michael Jackson's Son Lands Gig With 'Entertainment Tonight' [Video]

Prince Michael

Paris Jackson with her brother Prince Michael

Michael Jackson attempted to keep his kids out of the limelight, but it seems like they enjoy being the center of attention.

Paris Jackson has already let it the world know that she wants to be an actress and now her brother, Prince Michael, has landed an opportunity with Entertainment Tonight!

Jackson first appeared on ET yesterday, standing by as correspondent Brooke Anderson introduced him and teased a clip of his inaugural interview with James Franco, Sam Raimi, and Zach Braff of Oz the Great and Powerful. Segments from that chat will appear on ETthroughout the week. Jackson also opened up to Anderson about his future goals, noting that he’d eventually like to “direct, write, [and] act.”

Anderson told the Los Angeles Times that she helped Jackson get the ET gig; the two share a “mutual connection,” and she thought he’d be the perfect person to interview Oz‘s cast and director because his father starred in The Wiz in 1978. “He really did not need that much coaching,” Anderson told the Times. “This may sound strange because he’s 16, but he was very smooth and confident.”

You can’t keep the Jacksons out of show business!

via Entertainment Weekly

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