Lil Wayne's Lawyer Says Rapper's Trump Support Wasn't to Get Pardon for Gun Charge

Trump granted a full pardon to Lil Wayne in the last hours of his administration and we’re still not sure why.

Earlier this year, Wayne endorsed Trump for president and championed his non-existent ‘Platinum Plan’ so naturally people think that was part of Wayne’s plan to get a pardon — but Wayne’s lawyer says otherwise.

via Complex:

In an interview with the New York Times, South Florida lawyer Bradford Cohen spoke about how he helped set up Trump’s meeting with Lil Wayne, and shot down the belief that his endorsement was a tactical decision. Wayne had been under investigation for a gun charge for around a year at the time of the meeting, but Cohen says that had no impact on the timing of the pre-election discussion between the two.

While he conceded that it likely meant that Trump had favored Wayne for a pardon, it was never the intention of Lil Wayne to do so. “It never hurts that someone gets a full understanding of an individual when they’re just looking at a piece of paper,” he said. “In hindsight, I guess it worked out.”The charge Wayne was facing related to a Dec. 2019 arrest, in which he was caught transporting a gold-plated handgun on a plane trip from Los Angeles to Miami. He later pleaded guilty to the charges, and could have gone to prison for just under two years.

“I think they had a very strong connection,” Cohen said of the two. “He’s in the entertainment world. “He’s got a style that’s similar in terms of the way that he carries himself, and a lot of rappers and people in the industry relate to that.” Wayne received a lot of criticism for his embrace of Trump, with fellow rappers among those to call him out.

Would Lil Wayne have gotten a pardon had he not kissed Donald Trump’s ass public supported Donald Trump? Probably not.

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