Kim Fields Reportedly Quit 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Because Bravo Refused to Edit Out the 'Chrissy' Gay Rumors & More

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Kim Fields announced she wouldn’t be returning to Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and we assumed it’s because she realized she just wasn’t a good fit for that lifestyle — but there’s more to it.

According to OK magazine, Kim quit because she felt the gay rumors about her husband Chris went too far and that network did nothing to help.

“The rumors spread on the show, that Christopher is gay, were absolutely unacceptable,” the source said. “Her kids will have to deal with the fallout for year to come.”

The source added that Fields asked that the footage be edited out of the show, but her request was completely denied.

Plus, Kim’s feud with Kenya Moore was just icing on the already frustrated cake.

“Kenya Moore just kept coming after her,” the source said, adding that she had major issues with the cast’s attitudes and professionalism as well. “Kim felt the network did nothing!” the source continued.

Fields did attempt to address her issues with her RHOA castmates during the Season 8 reunion show. However, the actress and Dancing with the Stars contestant is still being blasted by RHOA viewers for not speaking up enough during Season 8!

It sounds to us like Kim may have underestimated what exactly she signed her and her family up for.

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