ICYMI: Mo'Nique Provides Emails Proving Her Netflix Deal Wasn't Good -- At All [Photos]

Mo’Nique took to Instagram to share more details regarding her soured negotiations with Netflix.

As you know, Mo’Nique called for a boycott of the streaming service after they allegedly offered her a measly $500,000 for a comedy special — compared to the $10-11 million they initially offered Amy Schumer.

Since then, rumors of her bad behavior and the fact that Netflix really offered her a $3 million deal for several specials hit the Internet.

Mo’Nique is backing up her initial claims with screenshots of an alleged email detailing the terms of what she was offered — and they’re not good.

via Salon:

For a year following the special’s premiere, the terms would have barred Mo’Nique from taping or negotiating another comedy special with any third party.

As well, Netflix would have retained rights of first negotiation once those 12 months were upand she would only be able to tape a special with another company if Netflix passed. Essentially, this was not a contract for one show. Rather, Netflix would have owned her broadcast rights for up to two years or more.

It doesn’t end there. For the two years after the premiere of her special, Netflix asked that “Mo’Nique not perform or use the material from our special in any recorded program (audio-only or audio-visual work), then we ask for a first negotiation/first refusal right after the 24 months in the event that she does want to use the material elsewhere.” More or less, Netflix wouldn’t have just had possession of the produced show, but the content therein, forcing her to develop entirely new material for touring, which is the lifeblood of any working comedian.

All that for $500,000? Yeah — Netflix tried it.

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