Cameron Diaz Forced to Dub Her Accent in 'The Counselor' After Bosses Said it Sounded 'Too Rihanna'

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The Counselor,  for the most part, bombed at the domestic box office…despite having a star-studded cast. The movie is already making waves for Cameron Diaz’s sex scene with a Ferrari.

That’s the least of her problems. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron was forced to change her accent in post-production.

Diaz, whose character has a relatively subtle Barbados lilt in the film, originally voiced it with a full-on Rihanna-style accent — but Fox execs blanched, forcing her to dub her work later, much to her chagrin. Not that it helped the film’s prospects.

Scott’s rep declined comment, and Diaz’s camp didn’t respond.

 We bet that was hilarious. Hopefully they’ll include some of her initial accent in the DVD bonus scenes.

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