Say What Now? Tennessee Delivery Driver Arrested for Allegedly Dipping His Nuts in a Customer’s Salsa

A Tennessee man was arrested after he allegedly dipped his balls in a container of salsa that he eventually delivered to a customer.

via Complex:

According to reports, Howard Webb was accompanying his friend Chaneese Booker while she responded to orders for the Dinner Delivered service. While completing an order for El Jimador restaurant, Booker received a low tip. As a result, Webb “placed his testicles” in a salsa container that was later delivered to the customer. And, if you needed proof, there’s a video of Webb committing the act that was posted to Facebook. 


“This is what you get when you give an 89 cents tip for an almost 30-minute drive,” the driver reportedly says in the video.

Webb replied: “Oh, oh it feels good on my balls.” 

Ultimately, this clip is what led to Webb arrest. Per the authorities, they began to investigate the incident after another Dinner Delivered employee pointed them towards the direction of the 14-second clip. As a result, Booker has since been fired by the company while Webb is in custody with a $45,000 bond for charges of adulteration of foods, liquids, or pharmaceuticals.


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