Fire Destroys the Louisiana Home of Tyler Perry's Father

A massive fire destroyed the Greensburg, Louisiana home of Emmitt Perry, the father of Tyler Perry.

via People:

Several fire crews arrived at the scene of a large fire that was first reported at about 8 p.m. on Monday, according to WAFB, a local news station.

Sheriff Nat Williams told the news outlet that Perry was home at the time and reported hearing popping and crackling sounds coming from the attic. He made it out of the house before it was consumed by flames.

Williams further stated crews let the fire burn itself out and that the house is a total loss, WAFB reports.

Fire officials suspect electrical issues could have sparked the fire, according to WBRZ, a local news station.

Perry spoke to WBRZ and said he went upstairs to see where the noise was coming from. “I couldn’t smell any smoke,” he said. “I didn’t see anything burning.”

Perry continued, telling the news station he walked outside and noticed smoke coming out near his chimney.

“I then went to call the fire department,” he said. “And my daughter was coming in the gate. And she said, ‘I already called them.’”

More than 50 firefighters arrived at Perry’s home, unloading thousands of gallons of water onto the fire, despite the nearest fire hydrant being five miles away, according to WBRZ.

“I made it out alive,” Perry said. “If it wouldn’t have happened then, me and my daughter would’ve probably been in there, and we would have burned up.”

Officials believe an electrical fire is the reason for the blaze. Praise God everyone made it out alive.

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