DaBaby Issues a Formal Apology to the LGBTQ+ Community After Several Canceled Bookings: 'What I Needed Was Education'

DaBaby has taken to Instagram to issue a formal apology over a week after his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud and several non-apologies.

In the week since, several celebrities have spoken out against DaBaby — including Madonna, Dua Lipa, and QuestLove. DaBaby has also been dropped from several booked appearances including Lollapalooza and Governors Ball.

Now that his bag is drying up right before his eyes, he writes:

“Social media moves so fast that people want to demolish you before you even have the opportunity to grow, educate, and learn form your mistakes. As a man who has had to make his own way from very difficult circumstances, having people I know publicly working against me — knowing what I needed was education on these topics and guidance — has been challenging.”

DaBaby continues:

“I appreciate the many people who came to me with kindness, who reached out to me privately to offer wisdom ,education, and resources. That’s what I needed and it was received.”

Last we checked, when people reached out to him with wisdom, education, and resources, all DaBaby did was dismiss it all and proceed to like and agree with other loud and wrong comments on the internet — but we digress…

He ended his statement with a direct address to the LGBTQ+ community:

“I want to apologize to the LGBTQ+ community for the hurtful and triggering comments I made. Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV/AIDS and I know education on this is important.”

Now, for everyone on the internet who agreed with, supported, and defended DaBaby’s comments — now that he’s apologizing and openly admitting he was wrong, we expect each and every one of y’all to do the same.


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