Say What Now? Tennessee Man Shocked After Lightning Strike Through Video Game Controller [Photos]

A man from Robertson County, Tennessee was playing a video game on Saturday night during a storm when a nearby lightning strike resulted in him being shocked straight up the wire of his controller.

via: Complex

As WKRN reports, the National Weather Service issued a storm report on Saturday night as it circulated on social media Sunday, claiming that the gamer “was reportedly struck by lightning inside his home through a videogame controller.”

Medics reportedly responded to a 9:15 p.m. Saturday call from a man who was struck while holding the controller, Assistant Director of Robertson County Emergency Medical Services Josh Rice told News 2. Crews then determined that either the lightning struck nearby, or hit the man’s home, and that the shock did indeed come through the gaming device, although a specific console hasn’t been revealed. Rice told the station that the man did not need to be transported to the hospital.

As Kotaku reported, Karma, a pro Rocket League player, was also struck by lightning last year while using a wired controller. As a result, she found burns on her hands and the USB connection port on the controller was melted by the shock.

He must not have grown up in a house where you had to unplug everything during a thunderstorm.

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