Chlöe Bailey To Star In Upcoming Horror Film 'The Exorcism' [Video] |

Chlöe Bailey To Star In Upcoming Horror Film ‘The Exorcism’ [Video]

Vertical has released the first trailer for its upcoming supernatural horror film ‘The Exorcism,’ starring Russell Crowe and Chlöe Bailey.

Thursday (April 25), a trailer was released for The Exorcism, in which a troubled actor loses his sanity while shooting a supernatural thriller. Its leading cast will include Russell Crowe, the “Treat Me” singer, and Sam Worthington, among others.

In the 2 ½-minute promotional clip, Bailey was seen having sage burned around her. “Have you forgotten what kind of movie we’re making?” she asked. “All kinds of messed up stuff happened when they were making movies like The Omen or The Exorcist. And the guy your dad replaced…”

Check out the trailer below.

The Exorcism is expected to hit theaters on June 7. In a press statement, director Joshua John Miller said, “We wanted to update the possession movie formula for a world where no one group owns goodness and decency over another. We were gifted with an extraordinary cast and creative team to tell a story about how we’re all vulnerable to darkness, to perpetuating it, if we fail to face our demons.”

In the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk’s repost, fans shared their excitement for Bailey’s role in the forthcoming film, albeit with some trepidation. “Lemme say a lil’ prayer before watching this [‘cause] that pic on the side,” wrote one user. Another said, “Congratulations, but nope!”

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