Megan Thee Stallion Fuming At Black-Run Blogs For Negative Publicity About Her [Photos]

Since Megan Thee Stallion’s fallout with Tory Lanez, it has seemingly been challenging for fans, artists, and media to pick a side. And Meg is feeling certain websites don’t have her back.

via: AceShowbiz

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday, August 1, Megan vented her anger at black-run blogs which she blames for negative publicity about her. “Black ran blogs talk the most s**t abt me … but protect black women tho,” she wrote.

When a fan sent a supportive message, “don’t let it to you,” and encouraged her to “keep doing you sista cause we love you,” she replied, “It don’t get to me it’s just…. Weird.” The 26-year-old added in a separate tweet, “Like don’t post me and gaslight… weirdo.”

Megan has since received support from other social media users, including fellow raptress Coi Leray who responded to her initial tweet, “This . The . Tweet.”

Another agreed with her, “She is right. Always the female black bloggers.” A third commenter weighed in, “That protect black women was just a slogan. A great deal of social media did not live by those words.”

Someone angrily wrote, “Ummm, yes its the black bloggers trashing & belittling everybody black today, then screaming mental health, support black women and every other positive affirmation tomorrow as if they didn’t contribute to the negativity yesterday … ALL OF THEM!!!!” Another added, “The black social media culture gets off on discouragement.”

However, there were a few who think that Megan should be grateful for those black-run media for promoting her music. “These new age celebrities complain too much. Soon as the blogs stop talking about you then they’ll understand,” one reminded.

“Black blogs also the main ones who promote her music. She gotta take the good with the bad,” another pointed out. Someone else claimed, “Meg full of ish like 99% of these entertainers.”

We fully support Meg over here.

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