Say What Now? Man Calls 911 on Himself, Says 'Father-In-Law Is Going to Kill Me' After Murdering Wife: Cops |

Say What Now? Man Calls 911 on Himself, Says ‘Father-In-Law Is Going to Kill Me’ After Murdering Wife: Cops

Christopher Robertson’s brother made a horrifying discovery stumbling upon his sibling “extremely intoxicated” at home and smelling “a strong foul odor” coming from the bedroom.

Shortly after killing his wife, a Texas man called 911 to confess he killed his wife, according to cops.

“My father-in-law is going to kill me,” Christopher Paul Robertson, 33, said in documents from the Fort Worth Police Department.

Jail records show he was arrested Sunday and is being held on a $100,000 bond for murdering Kristlynne Robertson, 34.

According to officers, they were already in the middle of an investigation. Their key witness was the defendant’s brother. The man had been out of the residence for several days before returning on Friday, cops wrote.

“When he returned today, he observed Christopher extremely intoxicated inside the house,” authorities said. “He then saw Christopher walk into his bedroom at which time [the brother] smelled a strong foul odor.”

Robertson allegedly tripped over something in the bedroom. Having seen that, the brother looked inside and saw sister-in-law Kristlynne wrapped in a tarp, officers said.

The brother got Christopher Robertson out of the home, called for police and medical help, and took the handgun from the desk in the defendant’s room and put it inside his own room for safekeeping, according to documents. According to cops, the brother eventually gave them this firearm.

Responding officers said they found Kristlynne in the far south bedroom of the residence. She had been wrapped in a tarp, was shirtless, and had been shot in the face.

“I briefly met with Christopher Robertson, but he was too intoxicated to understand what I was saying or provide a meaningful response,” the affiant wrote.

Officers said they got a search warrant for the residence early Saturday morning. It was later that day, at 12:41 p.m., that Christopher Robertson allegedly called 911, and confessed:

“My father-in-law is going to kill me.”
“I actually killed his daughter.”
“I killed his daughter.”

Detectives said they met with Robertson at the home on Sunday. He allegedly told them he shot his wife, and he said he wanted to go to jail.

“Christopher Robertson also handed us a gun that he had on his person and stated that it was the gun that he used to shoot his wife,” they wrote.

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