Say What Now? Porsha Williams' Ex Simon Reveals Alleged 'Threatening Text' From 'RHOA' Star in Bitter Divorce War |

Say What Now? Porsha Williams’ Ex Simon Reveals Alleged ‘Threatening Text’ From ‘RHOA’ Star in Bitter Divorce War

Things are getting messier and messier by the minute with these two soon to be divorced former lovebirds.

Simon Guobadia is accusing Porsha Williams of trying to ruin his reputation and he has a “threatening text” that he claims proves just that. In documents obtained by, Simon included a private text he said The Real Housewives of Atlanta star allegedly sent him and a public post she wrote with the goal of “exposing him to public hatred, contempt, and ridicule.”

As this outlet reported, Porsha filed for divorce from Simon in February after just 15 months of marriage. The exes are at war over the prenuptial agreement dated just days before their November 2022 wedding and the marital mansion that he purchased before they walked down the aisle. While Porsha has demanded the prenup be enforced, Simon argued the opposite, citing her financial circumstances have changed since they signed the legal paperwork.

The text message was included in the latest filing on Thursday to allegedly show Simon’s argument that he “suffered and will continue to suffer damages” at the hands of his ex.

Simon claimed Porsha sent him “a threatening text” on March 11 at 10:17 PM.

“Listen I suggest you stop spreading lies about me. I am holding your truth but I won’t for long if you are going to continue to lie on,” he said his estranged wife’s alleged message read.

He also charged that on the same day, Porsha “publicly posted her threat” on social media. “If You keep telling Your LIES…I will start speaking my TRUTH!” she warned in a cryptic post.

Simon also dragged her accusations of him “fleeing to Dubai” amid their divorce as another example of how she’s allegedly harmed his reputation.

“Wife’s statements are false and malicious defamation of the Husband, that she expressed in print and writing, tending to injure the reputation of the Husband and exposing him to public hatred, contempt, and ridicule,” the legal documents read.

“As a direct and proximate result of Wife’s statements, the Husband has suffered and will continue to suffer damages,” Simon charged, arguing he’s “entitled to recover damages.”

Simon also argued their prenup isn’t enforceable because the circumstances surrounding Porsha’s finances have changed since they became husband and wife, including her return to RHOA.

He charged it’s “wholly unfair and shocking” for Porsha to fight for his $7 million “pre-martial home, collect a substantial amount of the home equity, and receive an exorbitant financial pay out from the Husband under the terms of the Prenuptial Agreement, when the terms negotiated were in contemplation of Wife no longer working (i.e., Wife left her employment with Dish Nation and The Real Housewives of Atlanta), but now, the Wife earns millions.”

Simon’s not only fighting their prenup and to keep his mansion. He also informed the court that he’s “entitled to recover damages” against Porsha “for her libelous actions” — aka the text and public post.

Simon is asking that the amount owed to him in damages be proven at trial.

via: RadarOnline

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