Britney Spears Prenup Leaves Sam Asghari with Nothing, Includes Confidentiality Clause -- But There's a Catch

Britney Spears has a damn good prenup, but she might be cutting soon-to-be ex-husband Sam Asghari a check anyway.

According to sources, Sam isn’t entitled to any of Britney’s money in the event of divorce nor is he entitled to spousal support.

The prenup dictates Sam can keep the gifts Britney gave him during their marriage, including cars, but that’s it.

There’s also a ‘confidentiality clause’ the prevents Sam from talking about their relationship.

However, Sam filed documents via his attorney seeking spousal support — which the prenup precludes. This means that Sam’s attempting to challenge the prenup and have it renegotiated. If Sam’s challenge is successful, the confidentiality clause isn’t enforceable — which means it might be in Britney’s best interest to break Sam off a little something to keep him quiet.

If Britney does cut Sam a check, it’ll likely be for a few hundred thousand dollars — which is nothing considering Britney just received a $15 million advance for her book that’s due out this fall.


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