Yikes: See the Gun-Like Knife Isaiah Lee Allegedly Used in Dave Chappelle Attack [Photo]

Isaiah Lee ran up on Dave Chapelle on stage during his show at the Hollywood Bowl with a gun-like knife — things could’ve gotten deadly.

via NYP:

Isaiah Lee, 23, is accused of jumping on stage at the Hollywood Bowl, lunging at the 48-year-old comedian and tackling him Tuesday, the LAPD said.

“The suspect [then] produced what was later discovered to be a replica handgun and pointed the item at the victim,” the police said in a press release. “Hollywood Bowl uniformed security officers, who witnessed the incident, engaged the suspect and removed him from the victim and took him into custody.”

The black replica handgun had a sharp knife that flicked out, according to images released by cops.

Shocking footage taken by various audience members showed the moment Lee knocked Chappelle to the ground with a flying tackle after storming on stage.

Witnesses recalled seeing security “punching and kicking the s–t” out of Chappelle’s attacker as the comedian returned to the microphone and continued his show.

Lee, who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon over the attack, was hospitalized briefly for injuries he sustained during the incident. He was later booked into jail on $30,000 bail, cops said.

“The replica handgun that also contained a knife blade was recovered and later processed as evidence,” the LAPD said.

It’s not yet clear what sparked the attack, though Lee has previously rapped about the comedian and has a song titled “Dave Chappell.”

We don’t see it for Dave Chappelle, but no one deserves to get attacked — or even stabbed — on stage.

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