Woman in NYC Files Police Report Accusing Trey Songz of Assault, Trey’s Team Denies It

Trey Songz is stranger to controversies. He recently won the definitive dismissal of a $20 million sexual assault lawsuit that had been filed, dismissed and then re-filed by a Jane Doe accuser.

TMZ is now reporting that the alleged victim filed a report in late October, claiming Trey punched her in the face repeatedly while inside a bowling alley bathroom. We’re told she also alleges TS dragged her by her hair and that she was taken to the hospital for what cops noted were visible minor injuries.

There’s not much context beyond her account although, sources say the woman recognized Trey and identified him by name to the police after the fact.

An NYPD spokesperson also confirmed to the outlet that the investigation into this is ongoing.

Mitchell Schuster, Trey’s legal rep, told TMZ …”A source close to the investigation informs us that TS has been cooperative with authorities and expects that when all the evidence is reviewed, he will be exonerated. This is another instance where those involved try to blame the celebrity with hopes of getting fame or riches.”

He’s also been accused of being violent with people in the past.

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