Whoops: Man Causes a TikTok Frenzy After Seemingly Flashing His Penis by Accident [Video]

A British man has gone viral on social media after appearing to flash his dick in a seemingly NSFW video.

via NYP:

Charlie James took to TikTok last Friday to share a clip of himself dancing to Frank Ocean’s hit song “Lost” as he worked away on a rooftop.

At the beginning of the eye-popping video, the scaffolder Brit was seen crouching down to set up his phone to record his routine, and it appeared as if his manhood had popped out of his pants in the process.

However, James did not breach TikTok’s strict community guidelines — the object was actually the end of his flesh-colored safety belt.

The rather racy optical illusion throbbed on social media, quickly going viral on TikTok and garnering more than 6 million views.

Thousands of people took to the comments section beneath the video, sharing hilarious feedback about what they believed they had just seen.

“Admit it… we all looked twice!” one quipped.

“I was like ‘Wait, what episode of “Euphoria” did I miss?’” another joked, referring to the raunchy HBO show known for featuring a plethora of penises.

Meanwhile, a third person remarked on the small size of the belt end, saying they thought James was suffering from “shrinkage” in the bitter British winter.

James has proved to have a sense of humor about his video by uploading even more clips wearing his suspicious-looking belt.

“I love how he’s embracing it!” a viewer cooed.

Meanwhile, several other TikTokkers have “stitched” the video, sharing the clip alongside their own hilarious reactions.

The video certainly had us fooled! Watch it below.

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