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A 15-year-old Kansas high schooler has been charged after he was filmed attacking a Black student in the hallway, calling her the N-word and punching her in the face in an attack that left her with a broken nose.

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The incident occurred on Nov. 15 at Prairie Village’s Shawnee Mission East High School. Brey’anna Brown, a Black sophomore, confronted a white student about saying racial slurs. The Kansas City Defender detailed that the white boy called Black students the N-word and “slaves.”

In a viral clip, Brown tells the boy to “Walk away. Don’t say nothing unless you’re going to come say it to my face because I’m not going to do it with you.”

“Man shut the f**k up,” he shouts, to which Brown asks, “Who said that?” The unnamed student then intensely approached Brey’anna, taking off his book-bag. He also called her the N-word two more times just before he punched her. The incident left the sophomore student with a broken nose.

A criminal complaint was also filed against the boy, stating he “knowingly cause[d] great bodily harm to another person or disfigurement of another person.” The unnamed teen will appear in court on Thursday (Dec. 6). KSHB 41 also reports that Brey’anna Brown was suspended for her part in the ordeal.

Brown spoke with NBC about the racism she experienced, explaining, “I feel, like, outside of myself for doing what I did. I’m upset that I got suspended [but] I chose to stand up for myself.”

Brown’s mother, Linyka, told the outlet she was “heartbroken” by the incident. “It really hurt my heart and made me mad,” the mother expressed. “It hurt my heart for my daughter because I didn’t want her to have to ever go through that.”

The Shawnee Mission School District responded to the attack. They issued a statement condemning violence and vowed to uphold a “safe, educational environment.” The school district also referred to the racial assault as “a mistake” on the boy’s behalf.

“While we cannot share specific information about the incident or the District’s response, we do want to reassure the community that we take proactive measures to create a safe, educational environment where every student feels a sense of belonging,” the statement read. “This includes extensive work to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Unfortunately, children make big and small mistakes every day.”

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