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Wendy Williams Reveals Why NeNe Leakes Hired Attorney Lisa Bloom — And It’s Not What You Think

Wendy Williams is back on television revealing a private conversation she had with NeNe Leakes’ — but hopefully she had NeNe’s permission this time.

Like most of us, Wendy was surprised to see NeNe’s Instagram post about hiring attorney Lisa Bloom and preparing to “make some noise.”

According to Wendy, NeNe’s new legal representation has nothing to do with The Real Housewives of Atlanta or her personal life with Gregg.

“It’s not about her personal life with her family. It is about the side hustle…whether it’s a wig line, a clothing line, fashion, acting roles, the whole bit.”

Wendy continued to say that Nene relayed she’s had lots of promising meetings recently, but then nothing came from them.

“Nene doesn’t know ‘well why was everybody so delightful then all of the sudden I hear nothing.’ So that’s why she hired Lisa to get to the bottom of outside of the housewives and her personal life business and that side hustle.”

Considering Lisa Bloom isn’t known for her savvy business dealings, we’re inclined to believe NeNe’s not exactly giving Wendy the real tea. We all know what happened the last time NeNe gave Wendy the ‘real’ tea — Wendy told the world and NeNe had to backtrack.

It’ll all come out soon enough.

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