Wendy Williams Is Reportedly Eyeing a $100 Million Podcast Deal

Wendy Williams’ return to television may be up in the air, but according to a new report she’s in talks to deliver a different type of daily show — a podcast.

via The Sun:

Multiple sources revealed to The Sun that Wendy, 57, has had podcast offers on the table for months, but one source suggested that iHeart Radio and Spotify are being eyed as potential new homes for her namesake talk show brand.  

The former daytime diva would be going back to her radio roots if a deal comes to fruition, as Wendy Watchers know she first cut her teeth as a New York City radio DJ. 

As one source close to Wendy explained: “She sees Joe Rogan has a $100million podcast deal, and now she wants that kind of money.” 

After taking a leave of absence from her eponymous daytime talk show, Wendy is a hard sell, the insider claimed. 

“The people at iHeart don’t like controversy, so the best place for her is Spotify. They like the wild cards, but even at Spotify they don’t give you the money unless you prove yourself first, and Wendy wants money upfront.” 

The other issue, the source added, is industry insiders just don’t know if she can “be trusted to deliver a daily show or weekly show.” 

Over the weekend, fans expressed concern after Wendy appeared on a rambling Instagram live interview with rapper Fat Joe

Joe, who has been among several rotating guest hosts in Wendy’s absence, asked her why she was no longer The Wendy Williams Show, to which she replied it was because “somebody stopped giving me my money.” 

While Wendy is still battling the bank for control over her accounts, she had been absent from her daytime talk show for several months leading up to the fight with the famous bank.

Wendy losing her TV show and her battle with Wells Fargo Bank do not appear to be connected.

Another source close to Wendy told The Sun that while there are podcast offers on the table, she has been adamant she wants her TV show back.

Joe asked Wendy about her replacement Sherri Shepherd, to which she said: “I won’t be watching her because I know what she’s going to be doing and that’s really not my thing.

“You know what I’m saying, anyway, but I love being on my own show and I love that people love to watch it. You know, all the time.”

After the interview, her fans shared their concern on social media, with one writing on YouTube: “I really feel for her. I feel she shouldn’t have been interviewed yet. I hope and pray things get better.”

Another added: “Honestly, this was tremendously painful to watch, try to get through, follow and understand.”

We’ll see what happens.

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