Watch: Oprah's Priceless Reaction to Aisha Tyler's Slave Joke During Last Night's 'Critics' Choice Awards' [Video] |

Watch: Oprah’s Priceless Reaction to Aisha Tyler’s Slave Joke During Last Night’s ‘Critics’ Choice Awards’ [Video]


Comedian Aisha Tyler hosted the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday night.

During her opening monologue, she attempted a joke about “12 Years a Slave,” — and Mama Oprah was NOT amused.

Aisha said that ’12 Years a Slave’ was so ‘pretty’ that she almost wanted to go back to that time — before adding, “No it didn’t. Are you kidding me? I drove here in a Porsche today after a white guy made me scrambled eggs. And then he took it downtown. You know what I’m talking about.”

Oprah didn’t find her joke funny in the slightest bit and couldn’t keep her face from giving it away.

Watch her reaction below.

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