Watch: Bevy Smith Allegedly Attacked By a Cab Driver in NYC [Video]

Bevy Smith took to Instagram to allege she was attacked by a cab driver while trying to get home on Thursday night.

via Page Six:

Smith told us she tried to hop into a cab that was dropping off passengers at the Hotel Edison in Times Square, but the driver started yelling at her, telling her that he was off duty.

Smith whipped out her phone and started recording him and his medallion. “I thought you weren’t working. You don’t want to take a black person, right?” Smith asks on the video.

The driver then tried to smack the phone out of Smith’s hand. “Now, you’re on video. Got you. I’m reporting you,” she said. The SiriusXM “Bevelations” host filed a police report and a complaint to the Taxi & Limousine Commission. “I’ve been discriminated against by [a driver] … I hop into his taxi & he said he wasn’t working! As a New Yorker I knew that was a lie, no one’s shift ends at 8:30,” Smith captioned her video.

She shared her story on “Good Day New York” with co-hosts Rosanna Scotto and Lori Stokes, who said she’d had a similar experience.

The appearance sparked the NYC TLC to respond: “Service refusals are illegal, and drivers can lose their license and/or face steep fines.”

Watch Bevy’s video below.

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