Versace, Versace, Versace! Rapper Angel Haze Talks Fashion, Debut Album, & Friendship With Donatella Versace [Photo + Video] |

Versace, Versace, Versace! Rapper Angel Haze Talks Fashion, Debut Album, & Friendship With Donatella Versace [Photo + Video]

Angel Haze Lalapalooza Performance

Raykeea Angel Wilson, the 22 year old rapstress better known as Angel Haze is poised to take hip hop by storm with her debut album ‘Dirty Gold’ set to release on New Year’s Day! The Detroit Native… like most artists, is also a huge fan of fashion and has caught the eye of well respected designer, Dontella Versace; with many saying Angel Haze is the newest muse of Donatella.

If you doubt the muse label, then one thing you definitely won’t have to doubt is the friendship and support Donatella has extended to this young artist. Angel Haze was chosen by Donatella to perform at her Versus Versace Launch earlier this year and Angel has been seen front row at several Versace Fashion shows and events. Donatella also gifted Angel with a Versace Medallion Pendant necklace that Angel was seen rocking during her Lalapalooza performance last week.

Angel Haze sat down with ‘’ to discuss her personal style and her relationship with Donatella Versace! Check it out…

On her relationship with Donatella:“She actually took me to my first VogueFest this year—I sat front row during her talk, and then she invited me to play at the Versusparty. She’s been really, like, in tune and reaching out to me for such a long time, from the beginning of the year until now. She’s such a great person and she’s so sweet.”

On her performance outifts :“I just pick whatever the fuck looks good in the mirror, dude! I had on this striped raindrop thing by Raf Simons today, and everyone said, ‘Don’t wear that, you look like a fucking blueberry.’ And I’m like, ‘Shut up! I don’t care, I’m gonna wear this shit!’ And it looked great in motion, so it turned out really cool.”

On incorporating fashion into her music:“My single ‘Echelon’ is really fashion—it goes ‘Fashion Week, I’m out here slaying’—so it’s one of those things that really means a lot to me. I’ve been doing things with Donatella Versace and J.W. Anderson, and even Helmut Lang and Phillip Lim. They are all amazing, so all the stuff that I talk about now is like, ‘Yeah! These clothes are awesome!'”

On festival style:“There have been really, really short shorts and bandeaus—I’m way too body conscious for that, so I wish I could pull that off but I can’t. Also, the guys who wear all black in that hot, smoldering sun, like black eye liner and everything. I’m just like, ‘Wow, that’s wicked!’ Yeah, I’m not seeing many things I don’t like.”

On what designer she wants to collaborate with:” Rick Owens. I love the gothic ninja shit, it’s so amazing, it’s all me. Just give me a second, I’ll be there.”

BONUS: Checkout this Video from CraveOnline of Angel Haze discussing her music and upcoming album…

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