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Tyrese Shut Down in Demand for New Divorce Judge Over Alleged Bias After Being Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife $636k

Tyrese requested a new judge in his ongoing divorce case with ex-wife Samantha Gibson.

via: Radar Online

Tyrese lost in his fight to replace the judge presiding over his divorce battle due to an alleged bias.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, the Honorable Kevin Farmer denied the Fast X star’s demand.

Back in September 2022, Tyrese and his ex-wife Samantha Gibson faced off in court. Both sides testified on the stand.

At one point, the judge scolded the entertainer telling him, “You don’t ask questions! That’s not how this works!”

In the end, the judge ordered Tyrese to pay $10k per month in child support.

Tyrese and Samantha share a daughter named Soraya.

Judge Farmer told Tyrese, “This is not a punishment for you. Put that money where it belongs, in the child!”

A couple of months later, Samantha accused Tyrese of refusing to pay the court-ordered support. She claimed he had been paying her $2,236 instead of the $10k.

Tyrese claimed he believed the child support order was excessive. He accused the judge of being biased against him.

The judge found Tyrese in contempt of court but did not throw him in jail. Instead, he ordered him to cough up $237k in back child support and another $400k to cover Samantha’s legal bills.

Last month, Tyrese demanded Judge Farmer be taken off the case. He claimed the judge canceled a hearing related to his appeal of the back child support order.

He said the judge decided to order him to cough up a $450k bond for his appeal to proceed. Tyrese said he planned to use the hearing to tell the judge he needed additional time due to the actor’s strike.

Tyrese’s ex Samantha responded to his request, in a filing obtained by RadarOnline.com, where she asked that the judge not be taken off the case.

She said, “The Court is quite familiar with the procedural history of this matter and Respondent’s regular, frivolous efforts to delay and avoid the enforcement of any of the Court’s Orders with which he disagrees.”

She said, “The accusations and allegations contained in [Tyrese’s] Motion are baseless, without merit, and certainly not legally sufficient to support the recusal of Judge Farmer.”

Then, Judge Farmer signed an order that denied Tyrese’s motion.

The order read, “because [Tyrese’s] motion and the supporting affidavit are both untimely and devoid of any facts purporting to show personal bias on the part of the Court, and instead contain bare conclusions and opinions as to the Court’s views based on the Court’s judicial rulings, [Tyrese’s] motion is DENIED.”

Tyrese has yet to respond.

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