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TikTok’s Reesa Teesa’s Ex Considers Legal Action Over ‘Who TF Did I Marry’

The man who was described by his ex-wife in a viral 50-part series known as “Who TF Did I Marry?” says everything isn’t as it appears.

An Atlanta woman known as Reesa Teesa on TikTok took the internet by storm after she, shared several videos describing her ex-husband as a pathological liar. Teesa referred to her ex as “Legion” in the videos, but has since been identified as Jerome “JC” Rome McCoy.

McCoy responded in a video of his own circulating online, where he accused Teesa of being the liar and cheating on him with a man named Bradley.

“Straight lying. It’s sad. It’s completely false, he began, “She lied about everything.”

Now TMZ reports, McCoy told the outlet everything Reesa, whose real name is Teresa Johnson, declared about him in her lengthy video series is false.

While Reesa made many allegations against Legion — including claims that he fibbed about his career, family and wealth, etc. — he’s hitting back with accusations of his own.

Legion claims he and Reesa were having trust issues at one point — and goes on to claim she attempted to reconcile with him while allegedly threatening to “expose” him if he did not comply … and he suggests him not budging is why this is all coming out.

It goes without saying … Reesa’s ex is feeling the backlash of the TikToks going viral and claims it’s hurting his job in PR — which he says he does for a hospital. Amid all this attention, Legion tells us he met with attorneys Monday at work to discuss taking legal action against Reesa — on its face, it seems his company believes they mighta been damaged by her storytelling. Legion says he’s supportive of any moves they might make.

Unclear if he’s considering private counsel for himself at this point … but he’s certainly mulling his options right now. Bottom line … Legion tells us the way he’s been portrayed by Reesa is NOT who he is at all — and he feels he’s been wronged by the tale she’s told.

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