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Teyana Taylor Says Iman Shumpert’s Cut Utilities in Home, Leaving Kids with No Water

As the divorce proceedings between Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert continue to play out, this latest update is arguably the most eyebrow-raising of them all.

TMZ reports, Taylor is saying Shumpert’s playing dirty in their divorce war, claiming he’s slowly shutting down all the utilities in the home where she lives with their 2 children.

In a new court filing, Teyana says she woke up this month in the Georgia home they used to share, only to discover the WiFi and cable was cut off, and one day later, the water stopped running … and she’s fully laying blame on Iman.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, Teyana says he moved out back in October, and shortly thereafter, Iman’s brother — who handles his personal affairs — told her Iman intended to shut off the power.

Since then, she claims Iman hasn’t paid a cent of child support, or covered any of the kids’ expenses … including food and clothing costs.

With the water, cable and WiFi now gone, Teyana says she’s worried he’s going to follow through and cut off their gas and electricity … leaving his 2 children in a cold, dark home.

On top of her immediate concern for the kids, Teyana claims Iman left her holding the bag on $200K worth of home renovations he started 3 years ago.

In the docs, she says Iman told her his money is tied up in investments, and proposed she cover the cost and he would reimburse her. She says she’s yet to see a penny from him.

Since their divorce is pending, Teyana points out the court put a standing order in place … meaning both parties are supposed to maintain the status quo on their home and finances until the divorce is finalized.

She wants the judge to hold Iman in contempt for violating that order, and also force to start coughing up monthly child support.

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