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Whose Side Are You On? Porsha Williams Accuses Simon of ‘Threatening’ Her Career by Dragging ‘RHOA’ Into Divorce Mess With Storyline and Contract Demands

Porsha filed for divorce in February, ending her marriage of only 15 months.

Porsha Williams accused Simon Guobadia of trying to “overburden, annoy, harass, and oppress” her by demanding her communication with Real Housewives of Atlanta producers, including her contract and financial documents related to her return to the Bravo show. In the legal documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Porsha is demanding the divorce judge overrule Simon’s request, arguing her job as a reality star has nothing to do with their prenuptial agreement.

She also claimed Simon only demanded the information in an attempt to “threaten her reputation, career, and ability to earn income” by dragging her employer into their mess.

As previously reported, Simon requested True Entertainment, LLC, the production company behind RHOA, sit for a deposition and testify on Porsha’s status and income as a cast member for 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025. Simon also demanded all communication between his ex, her reps, and production about RHOA filming, recording, taping, storylines, and subjects involving Porsha and her relationship and divorce with him.

But Porsha is fighting back, claiming Simon subpoenaing her employers for deposition was “not issued in good faith,” adding he wants to “inflame this already contentious case.”

“The Subpoena broadly requests contracts, amendments, memos of understanding, financial documents, all communications, photographs, videos, recordings, tapings, footage or filming, none of which is relevant to do with divorce, or at least no basis has been shown thus far why such an invasive inquiry into would be appropriate or reasonable,” the documents read.

According to Porsha, the information about her income and employment as a reality TV star is “not relevant whatsoever” to their divorce. She claimed Simon was trying to delay the enforcement of their prenup, which she claimed was “drafted by his former counsel, and negotiated for months, almost a year prior to its execution.”

“The Subpoena for Deposition issued in this matter by Respondent to True Entertainment, LLC was not issued in good faith, and is yet another deliberate and desperate attempt by Respondent to undermine the parties’ Prenuptial Agreement, overexpand the case, and delay enforcement of the parties’ Prenuptial Agreement and resolution of this matter as a whole,” she argued.

Porsha claimed her ex is “attempting to intimidate, harass, and threaten her reputation, career, and ability to earn income by intimidating and harassing her employer.” She wants the judge to toss out his request to subpoena True Entertainment, LLC for deposition — but that’s not all.

Porsha also demands that Simon pay her attorney fees and all costs related to fighting his motion.

RadarOnline.com has reached out to Porsha’s reps for comment.

The pair were married for only 15 months before the RHOA star filed for divorce in February. Their battle has gotten nasty, with several back-and-forth allegations. Porsha and Simon do not share children, so custody isn’t an issue; however, they are fighting over their marital mansion and prenup.

via: RadarOnline

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