Tell Us How You Really Feel: Are Colored Contacts IN or OUT? [Photos]


Ever since Tiny Harris permanently changed her eye-color, we’ve seen an influx of not just celebrities — but everyday people changing their eye color in the name of style.


Since Tiny had to go across the globe to Africa to get her eyes permanently changed, we’re assuming everyone’s picking up colored contacts.


Colored contacts have been around since the 90s, and over the years we’ve seen everyone from Naomi Campbell, to Kim Kardashian, to Tyra Banks rock a hued lens.


We here at can’t decide if we’re here for a good eye-color change or not. Sometimes, they come across natural and really pretty — but often times they look cheap and just…strange.


So we’re going to ask you, love muffins. What do you think of the colored contact look? Do you think tinted lenses are making a comeback?

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