Stevie J & Joseline Hernadez Back Together Just Days After Allegedly Calling It Quits [Video]


It was just a few days ago that Joseline Hernandez announced to a club crowd that she and Stevie were going their separate ways, but it looks like they’ve managed to work it out.

If you remember, while Joseline was at Supperclup last week she told the audience:

“And to answer your question n*gga, NO I ain’t got on no muthaf*ckin wedding ring since you wanna be all up in muthaf*ckin business.”

Since then, Joseline’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked and a whole bunch of foolishness was tweeted. But now, Joseline is back on social media and back with her man.

She posted a clip to prove she regained control of her account and in the clip her man Stevie is all up in the camera.

Take a look:

*sigh* The publicity stunt continues….

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