Snoop Dogg Auctions Off a Blunt for $1,000 at Seth Rogen's Halloween Fundraiser


Snoop Dogg helped raise money for those impacted by Alzheimer’s the best way he knew how — by rolling a blunt.

The rapper actioned off a blunt for $1,000 at Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity Halloween-themed fundraiser.

via NYDN:

“I’m raffling off one of these blunts that I hand-rolled,” he announced to the audience toward the end of the show at the Hollywood Palladium, according to USA Today.

The 44-year-old rapper — whose affinity for smoking is well-documented — began the bidding at $100 and ended up selling the item to a woman in a witch costume.

The moment left the crowd buzzing, with one audience member asking “is this legal?” as Snoop took offers for the blunt.

We just want to know what kind of weed was IN the blunt. Any guesses?

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