Say What Now? Miami Woman Finds Neighbor In Her House, Before Ring Camera Reveals Months of Bizarre Footage |

Say What Now? Miami Woman Finds Neighbor In Her House, Before Ring Camera Reveals Months of Bizarre Footage

When questioned about his presence in her house, the man, who was already on probation for voyeurism, reportedly shouted, “I’m exterminating rodents!”

MIAMI – South Miami Police say new surveillance video shows a 62-year-old man who not only burglarized a home but also looked in the window of the home of some victims.

They also say the same suspect was on probation after being convicted of voyeurism from another South Miami case in November of 2023.

South Miami Police Sergeant Fernando Bosch told CBS News Miami’s Peter D’Oench that he is concerned because there could be other victims.

Bosch said the suspect Dean Post had originally been allowed on the property to kill rats and gone to the home between April 15th and June 17th. Post is seen in the surveillance tape with a BB gun around his shoulder and is seen apparently firing his weapon.

But Bosch said Post is also seen concealing himself with a floor panel from the victims’ shed as he walks around the property and said the suspect went too far.

He said, “It appears from the video that he is looking inside the window, looking inside the house.”

Bosch said the victims discovered how many times Post had been on the property by reviewing their Ring cam video.

“On June 17th the victim came in to the residence and catches him inside the house and she asks him what are you doing here and he says I am getting the rats. So he liked to shoot rats with his BB gun and his excuse is I am coming over to pick up dead rats. But there were no dead rats,” Bosch said.

“She tells him to leave and she is scared and she leaves. Moments later surveillance video shows him going inside the residence and we think there may have been a device in there and he went to retrieve it. We don’t have evidence of that. If we did we would have charged with that.”

Bosch said Post was on probation for the voyeurism conviction.

“We arrested him in November of last year for voyeurism after he placed a recording device at his own residence to catch a female staying at the residence showering and undressing,” said Bosch.

“We are concerned that he has done this before and he’s continuing the activity and we believe there may be other victims out there who know who this guy is and we want to know.”

Post is charged with burglary of an unoccupied building and burglary of an occupied building and petit theft and violation of probation.

Circuit Court Judge Mindy Glazer found probable cause for the charges and set bond at $25,000 for the burglary and petit theft charges and Post is on a “no bond hold” pending another hearing about the alleged violation of probation.

Judge Glazer ordered Post to stay away from the victims and have no contact with them.

In court, an attorney for the victims said they were very concerned about their safety. An attorney for Post said, “I feel sympathy for the victims but they were not in any danger.”

The victims told Bosch that they did not want to say anything right now.

Bosch said, “Thankfully no one was hurt but this could have turned out differently.”

via: CBS News Miami

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