Say What Now? Kansas City Chiefs Fans Found Dead Had Cocaine, THC and Three Times Lethal Amount of Fentanyl |

Say What Now? Kansas City Chiefs Fans Found Dead Had Cocaine, THC and Three Times Lethal Amount of Fentanyl

Initial toxicology reports on the three Kansas City Chiefs fans found frozen and dead are in.

via: People

According to FOX 4 Kansas City, the Kansas City Police Department has received the toxicology report for the three men who were found dead in the backyard of their friend Jordan Willis’ home on Jan. 9. The outlet reported that the toxicology report shows that there were “several” substances in their body.

TMZ also reported that the toxicology results showed that there were substances in the men’s bodies, citing sources.

In a statement on Friday, Alayna Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for the Kansas City Police Department, told PEOPLE that “there have been no additional details or reports of this case revealed to any media, nor are there any plans to at this time.”

“The case remains an ongoing death investigation,” she added. “Both KCPD Detectives and the Platte County Prosecutors Office have been in touch with the deceased men’s families and remain in contact with them as the investigation unfolds.”

PEOPLE has reached out to the medical examiner’s office for comment.

Gonzalez previously told PEOPLE that “this still remains a death investigation and nothing more.” Her statement added, “We still have no evidence or indication of foul play, no one is in police custody.”

The men had visited Willis’ home on Jan. 7 to watch the Chiefs play against the Los Angeles Chargers. A fifth friend was also at the house but left around midnight as the others watched Jeopardy! on TV.

McGeeney’s fiancé found Harrington, McGeeney, and Johnson’s bodies two days later. The police department confirmed that the bodies had been found in the backyard of the home and said that “there were no obvious signs of foul play observed at or near the crime scene.”

John Picerno, Willis’ attorney, told PEOPLE in a statement that Willis “is unaware of how his friends died” and is “anxiously awaiting the results of the autopsy and toxicology report.”

Johnson’s brother Jonathan Price previously told PEOPLE that he believes that “something had to have been in their system” that wasn’t alcohol.

“If I were to give a hypothesis… for the three men to die in the way that they did, something had to have been in their system. Whether or not it was taken knowingly, I wouldn’t answer that. But something was taken because three grown men do not freeze to death at the temperatures that were there at the time with just alcohol involved,” he told PEOPLE.

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