Say What Now? Former Texas Football Player Allegedly Caught on Tape Confessing to Killing Pregnant Sister

A former University of Texas at San Antonio football player has been accused of murdering his sister.

According to authorities, he allegedly confessed to the murder in a video taken not long after her death.

via People:

Michael Egwuagu, 25, has been charged with murder, PEOPLE confirms. His sister, 32-year-old Jennifer Ebichi, was killed on Friday. Before the murder, Egwuagu was known in the community as being a football standout who played safety at UTSA between 2013 and 2016.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Austin Statesman, Egwuagu can be heard saying “I killed Jennifer” on footage obtained by a doorbell camera at Ebichi’s home.

An autopsy showed that Ebichi was pregnant. She was estimated to be in her first trimester.

Egwuagu was arrested and charged with murder Friday night. He was booked into the Travis County Jail. His bond has been set at $500,000.

According to the arrest affidavit, Ebichi sent a message to another brother, Martin Egwuagu, and asked him to come to the house because Michael “was at the residence and was having a crisis.” Martin spoke to Michael in an attempt to calm him down.

When Martin arrived at the home, he allegedly found his sister’s body. She had been stabbed multiple times and was lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. He said he heard Ebichi’s young child crying, so he grabbed the child and took her out of the house.

When Martin Egwuagu went outside, he reportedly found Michael kneeling in the street, praying. His clothes were covered with blood. Martin called police at that point.

Police arrived and interviewed a friend of Ebichi’s, who was also at the scene. The friend told police that Ebichi had also called her and asked her to come to the house. When she arrived, she heard screaming from inside the house. She told authorities that she saw Michael Egwuagu leave the home holding a bloody kitchen knife. “I killed Jennifer,” he allegedly told her.

Authorities took Michael Egwuagu into custody and charged him with murder. He has not yet entered a plea. Court records do not reflect an attorney authorized to speak on his behalf.

How tragic.

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