Say What Now? Colorado Bank Robber Arrested After Tossing Cash Around While Screaming 'Merry Christmas'

A man was arrested at a local Starbucks after robbing a bank in Colorado Springs on Monday.

According to several reports, the man tossed money around and shouted “Merry Christmas!” during the robbery.

via Complex:

65-year-old David Wayne Oliver is also said to have “threatened the use of a weapon” at the bank, per Reuters, from which he made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. Some of that cash, however, was used for the aforementioned tossing around portion of the hold-up.

“He robbed the bank, came out, threw the money all over the place,” a witness at the Academy Bank location told local outlet KKTV. “He started throwing money out of the bag and then said, ‘Merry Christmas!'”

Oliver, per an update from the Colorado Springs Police Department, was ultimately taken in at a nearby coffee spot. “The suspect was found sitting in front of a nearby coffee shop and was taken into custody without incident by responding patrol officers,” police said of their interactions with Oliver, who noticeably possessed a white beard at the time.

Anyway, emulating any of this is likely not the best move this holiday season, but I digress.

Well, it seems as though his heart was in the right place…sort of.


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