Sara Ramirez Is 'Completely Open to Going Back' to Grey's Anatomy: 'The Role of a Lifetime' |

Sara Ramirez Is ‘Completely Open to Going Back’ to Grey’s Anatomy: ‘The Role of a Lifetime’

Grey’s Anatomy season 18 has welcomed back a whole host of former characters since getting underway, so what are the chances of a possible return for Dr Callie Torres?

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In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Ramirez — who came out as non-binary in 2020 and uses the pronouns they/them — opens up about their “life-changing” role on Grey’s Anatomy and whether or not they’d reprise their role as Dr. Callie Torres if given the opportunity.

“Being part of the Shondaland family was one of the greatest honors of my life, one of the greatest privileges,” says Ramirez, who portrayed Dr. Torres for 11 seasons on the ABC medical drama.

“It taught me so much, portraying a character that a lot of folks had not seen on TV including myself. I will always have a soft tender place in my heart for that work family and that role. It was the role of a lifetime,” the And Just Like That… star, 46, says.

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without the experience I had on Grey’s Anatomy and my heart is completely open to going back and checking in with Dr. Callie Torres,” Ramirez adds. “But that would only happen if the writers’ room and the story really organically led them to need a character like Callie to come back. They all know that I support them from afar and that I’m rooting for them.”

Ramirez exited Grey’s Anatomy in 2016, and last appeared in the season 12 finale.

During a recent interview with Out Magazine, Ramirez said the role not only had an impact on the LBGTQ+ community as a whole but also their own self-understanding.

“Prior to Callie Torres, I’d never seen myself represented on television,” they told the outlet. “There was so much I didn’t know that I didn’t know. So, I’ve caught up with myself in a lot of ways.”

Now, Ramirez stars as Che Diaz — an outspoken podcast host and stand-up comic — who is non-binary on the Sex and the City revival series, And Just Like That…

“It felt like a really organic, natural fit,” they say.

“Che is someone who came out as non-binary later in life and who speaks their truth unapologetically. I thought, ‘This character will teach me a lot about how to embrace the power that you have even against systems that would have you shut down,’ ” Ramirez adds.

And Just Like That… is streaming on HBO Max now.

It would be nice to have Dr Callie Torres back on Grey’s.

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