Quincy Jones Released From Hospital Following Health Scare

Quincy Jones was rushed to the hospital after having a bad reaction to some food he ate this weekend but was later released and reported to be in good spirits.

via Complex:

Paramedics rushed Jones to the emergency room on Saturday after he had a bad reaction to some food he ingested and called 911 just to be safe, according to what a representative for the music legend told TMZ. Doctors released him once they determined he was fit to go home. 

The representative added that the 90-year-old never lost consciousness while in the hospital and was in high spirits once released. Besides what the representative told TMZ, Jones hadn’t given more updates on his condition. 

This isn’t the first time Jones has had to deal with a health issue. He was last rushed to the hospital in 2015 after he fell sick after dealing with chest pains and shortness of breath at his home in Los Angeles. In his 2018 documentary, Jones revealed he had two brain aneurysms while talking about his mother’s mental health. 

“I actually had two brain aneurysms,” Jones said. “So I guess I would classify as having some experience with trauma to the brain. Also, my mother suffered from mental illness.”

He added, “She was a brilliant woman who spoke several languages and had degrees from several colleges, but she had this condition that debilitated her, which today could’ve been controlled with medication. But at the time, during the Depression, they simply would commit you.”

We’re glad to hear he’s doing better

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