Not So Fast! Usher Did Not Tip Strippers with Fake Money, Left Some Behind at the Club for Promo [Video]

Usher has been the topic of conversation across social media today after a woman put him on blast for throwing fake money at the strip club.

Not only did Usher throw fake money, but the fake money had his face on it in various denominations. Usher was pictured with the phony bills on Instagram prior to the controversy.

After getting dragged for seemingly being cheap during a pandemic and just the overall audacity of it all, Usher’s team has come out to offer some clarity as to how his fake money ended up on the strip club floor.

The incident went down at Sapphire in Las Vegas and a rep for the club insists that Usher did NOT tip the dancers with his fake money — he used real money.

The rep says Usher tipped handsomely and spent thousands on dancers. Someone in his entourage — not Usher himself — left some fake Usher money behind as a joke as well as to promote his Vegas residency kicking off this summer.


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It wasn’t a great joke, but considering everyone’s talking about Usher today we’d consider that mission accomplished.

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