New Music: Michael Jackson - I Am A Loser [Unreleased Demo] |

New Music: Michael Jackson – I Am A Loser [Unreleased Demo]

Michael-Jackson-I-Am-A-Loser-Unreleased-DemoA new song by the late King of Pop has found its way onto the Internet.

Listen to Michael Jackson’s “I Am A Loser” below.

According to the MJ fan who leaked the song, it has a pretty interesting history.

“I Am A Loser” was first conceived more than a year after the release of ‘Invincible’, in January of 2003, shortly after wrapping up the last of a series of interviews for Martin Bashir’s ill-fated “Living With Michael Jackson” documentary.

Jackson and his long-time collaborator Brad Buxer, who is responsible for contributions towards a plethora of tracks including “Who Is It” and “Stranger In Moscow”, were staying in adjoining Las Vegas hotel rooms at the time while working on music together.

Buxer, who was going through a breakup at the time, was awake late one night. Upset about the breakup, he was pacing around his room repeating, “I’m a loser! I’m just a loser!”

You can read more of the song’s alleged origins here.

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