Nappy Roots Member Scales Shot and Kidnapped from Atlanta Brewery [Video]

Fish Scales, a member of the Kentucky rap group Nappy Roots, has reportedly been shot and robbed during a kidnapping attempt in Atlanta.

via: Revolt

Last night (Aug. 17), Scales of the hip hop group Nappy Roots was attacked and kidnapped in Atlanta, according to local news station 11 Alive. Authorities say around 11 p.m., the rapper was robbed and shot at Atlantucky Brewing. The entertainer co-owns the establishment located in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood near the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

As the brewery was closing for the evening, Scales (born Melvin Adams) was approached by at least two suspects, according to reports. Police say the gunman first robbed a customer in the parking lot, then went into the brewery and attacked Scales. The suspects forced him into their vehicle and drove off towards Hapeville. At this time, no arrests have been made.

Police say Scales escaped his captors, but suffered a gunshot wound to the leg in the process. He is expected to recover. The vehicle that the suspects used was later found ??on Oak Street in Hapeville. Nappy Roots group members spoke to the outlet to assure fans that Scales is safe. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and is in stable condition. They added that the robbers were unsuccessful in taking any money from the brewery that they co-own.

Atlanta police night commander Capt. Christian Hunt spoke with Channel 2 Action News about Scales’ escape. “Once he had an opportunity, he tried to make a run for it,” he said. “What we learned is the suspects grabbed him and they began to tussle, and that’s when he got shot,” he added.

Group member Skinny (born William Hughes) said, “I am certainly relieved that my business partner and brother Scales is safe and recovering … that is what is most important.” He continued, “We are certainly also praying for the patron who was shot outside the establishment.” Authorities say this is the first incident the Atlantucky Brewing establishment has had since its opening on Feb. 4. Moving forward, the owners plan to increase security at their business. Atlanta and Hapeville police are investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact local authorities.

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