Meghan McCain Slams ‘The View’ Hosts for ‘Defamatory and Slanderous’ Accusations, Threatens Legal Action |

Meghan McCain Slams ‘The View’ Hosts for ‘Defamatory and Slanderous’ Accusations, Threatens Legal Action

Meghan McCain, a former co-host of ABC’s “The View,” blasted the current panel of the show.

via: Page Six

McCain is furious that her former “The View” co-hosts implied on Thursday’s show that she has unlawfully used her famous last name for professional or financial gain.

“I don’t understand why my former colleagues @TheView @ABC bring me up and slander me on an almost weekly basis,” the columnist, who is the daughter of late Senator John McCain, wrote in a tweet on Thursday.

“It has been years – move on, I have,” she added, pointing out how it’s been two years since she quit the daytime talk show.

Meghan, 39, then defended herself against a remark that Ana Navarro made during a segment about Hunter Biden’s federal tax case and how it has impacted his father, President Joe Biden.

The CNN commentator, 51, said on the live show that Hunter, 53, is not the only person in Washington to “influence peddle on his last name,” adding, “People sitting at this table did it.”

When her co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin pushed back, “Who at this table did it?,” Navarro clarified, “I’m not talking about currently,” insinuating she was talking about Meghan.

Griffin, 34, then added with a laugh, “We just wanted to clear our names,” and Sara Haines joked, “Oh my God! Do I have a claim to fame that I’m not using?”

Meghan wrote in response on Twitter, “I have never been accused of a crime in my life and am a patriotic American – I would never and have never ‘influenced peddled’ in my life, let alone with foreign adversaries. Not all politicians children are the same – and I am no Hunter Biden.”

The proud conservative then called her former colleagues’ accusations “absurd, defamatory and slanderous” and noted that she is considering taking legal action.

She concluded, “I will be consulting my lawyers regarding what was libeled against me on The View this morning.”

Page Six has reached out to reps for “The View” and Navarro but did not immediately hear back.

The ABC talk show host also has not yet responded to her ex-co-host’s statements on social media.

Meghan famously clashed with her colleagues when she was still on the air from 2017 to 2021.

Page Six exclusively reported in July 2021 that the mother of two was “miserable” while at the show.

“She’s been wanting to get out, especially since she now lives in the DC area with her family,” an insider told us at the time.

“She doesn’t want to come back to New York and be a part of that show. She’s been miserable since she started.”

Meghan then revealed in October of that year that she left “The View” because she found it increasingly difficult to be a voice for Republicans on the show during the Donald Trump administration, noting that it began to affect her self-esteem.

“It was as if I had become an avatar for everything they hated about the president,” the TV commentator wrote in an excerpt of her memoir, “Bad Republican.”

“It felt like the co-hosts and staff only knew one Republican — me — and took out all their anger on me, even though I didn’t even vote for Trump.”

Meghan also accused her former co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, who are currently still on the talk show, of growing “meaner and less forgiving“ toward her over time.

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