Mag Swag: Wendy Williams Covers UPTOWN Magazine [Photos]


How you dewin’, Wendy? 

Wendy Williams covers the latest issue of UPTOWN magazine & gets glammed up for a full stunning photo spread.

In the mag she talks about her family, her current & past successes, and combating racism through positive imagery.

On her husband & family:

“He is my manager, co-executive producer of the show and my biggest productive cheerleader. I love him.” On January 20, 2014, while on-air, Williams broke out in tears, sobbing that her son, Kevin, Jr., 13, does not like her. Despite that emotional episode, she says she is not envious of her son’s strong relationship with his father; in fact, it makes her proud. “I love that he has his father. It’s a great thing, a black boy and his black father,” she says before tearing up. Is raising a teenage black son scary in light of the fates of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis? “Yes, it is. But we teach him he is public enemy number one and his job is to dispel that.” She starts to cry. While reaching for a tissue, she whispers, “Sometimes, I will stand at our front door and watch Little Kev and his father drive off until I see the last puff of smoke from the car’s exhaust. Then, I say to myself, ‘It’s good.’”

On using the her positive family image to help fight stereotypes:

“It makes me so proud that my black mother and my black father can sit in my audience and the camera can zoom in on them and, without them saying a word, the world sees: ‘Oh my God, there is a full black family!’ And my parents have been married for a hundred years! And, when my black husband and my black behind can pull up to my black son’s school for a parent-teacher night and they see a full black family, that is really important. We need to discuss race not necessarily because I am being followed in the mall because someone knows that I am Wendy Williams, but because I am a black woman in the mall at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Check out some more photos from Wendy’s spread below! You can read her full interview here.

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