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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Yung Berg, Aka Hitmaka, Accused Of Brutally ‘Pistol Whipping’ His Girlfriend

Young Berg is yet again at the center of a domestic violence incident.

The former rapper, now known as popular producer Hitmaka, is accused of pistol-whipping his girlfriend, who was hospitalized with a broken nose.

via The Blast:

According to the police report, obtained by The Blast, Hitmaka (real name Christian Ward) the rapper/producer and his GF are in “a dating relationship”…and “suspect and victim became involved in a verbal dispute. The suspect pistol-whipped victim (numerous times) resulting in verifiable injuries.”

The woman reported it to the LAPD and claims the incident went down at a private residence in Los Angeles around 5:00 am on Saturday morning.

The report is classified as ‘intimate partner violence.’

After taking the report, LAPD issued an emergency protective order which restrains him from coming within 100 yards of his alleged victim. The rapper is also ordered not to contact her directly or indirectly in any even by electronic means, and cannot go near her home.

The order will expire on March 20, 2020, where if she wants an extension she will have to file a restraining order in Los Angeles Court.

The alleged victim was hospitalized on Saturday, March 14, 2020, and was treated at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. She was eventually diagnosed with a “closed head injury, closed fracture of nasal bone, and facial lacerations.”

One part of her face required recieved “several stitches” and even the hospital records show the injuries stemmed from an “assault.”

Photos of the assault were obtained by The Blast and they’re pretty hard to stomach.

In the photos, you can clearly see her face has been bleeding and the broken nose is starting to cause two black eyes.

The LAPD is investigating, but Hitmaka has not been arrested.

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