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Los Angeles Lakers’ Christian Wood’s Ex-GF Yasmine Lopez Submits Photos of Alleged Bruises in Restraining Order Fight: ‘History of Being Violent’

Yasmine Lopez, the ex-girlfriend of NBA player Christian Wood, swiftly sought legal action just days after a Los Angeles judge issued a 3-year restraining order against Wood and granted him sole custody of their son, Kobe.

Christian Wood’s ex-girlfriend Yasmine Lopez rushed to court days after a Los Angeles judge granted the NBA star a 3-year restraining order and sole custody of their son Kobe.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, Yasmine said she was never properly served with notice of the hearing that took place late last month.

At the hearing, the judge heard testimony from Christian. The NBA star claimed Yasmine showed up at his LA home and vandalized his car. In his petition, he claimed his ex had broken into his home in 2023 and destroyed property.

The judge granted Christian’s request to extend his temporary restraining order until 2027 and awarded him sole custody. Yasmine was awarded 1-hour supervised visits three times a week at Christian’s home.

Days later, Yasmine said Christian and his team sent notice of the hearing to an old email address and served paperwork at her old residence. She claims her ex knew her current phone number and address but wanted her to fail to appear.

She demanded the court vacate the order on the restraining order and custody.

In addition, Yasmine claimed Christian had still been in contact with her and they had been romantic since he was granted the temporary restraining order in February.

She said they been affectionate and had sexual relations on numerous occasions since February 2024 and through May 2, 2023.

She said he obtained the restraining orders under “false claims.”

“He has repeatedly called and texted me and come to my house to visit me after his Request for [temporary restraining order] was granted 9again, without my proper knowledge of it). Christian is well aware and knows my cell phone and my current home address.”

Yasmine said Christian never mentioned the court proceedings before the permanent restraining order was entered.

She said, “On May 2, 2024, I was brutally attacked by Christian during which he grabbed me by my legs and dragged me to his front door in a rage.”

Yasmine claimed, “Christian has a history of being violent and flying into a rage.” She added, “Christian constantly attempts to control me through intimidation, threats, and downright abuse, and I am terrified by his violent behavior, significant threats, and abusive actions. I have been trying my best to appease him for the sake of our son when he acts this way; I simply want to create a healthy environment for our son.”

Yasmine claimed on May 2, 2024, Christian invited her over to his home. “We were cuddling in bed with our ten-month-old son when Christian said he had received a text from his attorney who was on her way over to his house. He suddenly became frantic and demanded I leave immediately stating he did not want his attorney to know that he was still seeing me.”

She continued, “I was confused by his remarks. I was simply laying in bed with our son trying to get him to go to sleep when Christian received the text from his attorney. Before I could even get up, he flew into a rage, violently grabbed me, and pulled me off the bed by my feet and thigs and dragged me across the floor to the front door. I was confused and terrified.”

Yasmine attached photos of her alleged bruises from the incident that she said, “demonstrate the extreme force with which Christian violently attacked me and the trauma my body sustained, to my legs in particular, caused by Christian’s violent behavior when he flew into a rage.”

via: RadarOnline.com

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