Lindsay Lohan's Family Home In Foreclosure |

Lindsay Lohan’s Family Home In Foreclosure


Looks like she’s out of a place to stay again!

Lindsay Lohan, who was recently forced to move back in with her mother, in their Merrick, New York home, may soon be homeless. Yesterday papers were delivered to Dina Lohan from Chase Bank telling Dina of their intent to foreclose on her $1.3 million dollar mansion.

The Liz & Dick actress and her mother were both named in the letter which was marked “Important Information Enclosed”. The process server who delivered the documents told the NY Post that the delivery was in regards to a mortgage issue involving the cash-strapped family. It seems as if Lindsay’s teenage bedroom isn’t even a place she can call home for very much longer, as Lindsay has lawyers and court fees piling up, no jobs in sight, and her bank accounts are frozen by the IRS, whom she owes over $300k in back taxes.

Dina isn’t in any shape to pay up either–she had to borrow $40,000 from her daughter last year to keep the house from the bank. Looks like that isn’t what she used that money for.

Oh, Lohans.

Check out the pics of the family home below.

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