Lakers Christian Wood is Granted Restraining Order Against Model Ex-Girlfriend Yasmine Lopez |

Lakers Christian Wood is Granted Restraining Order Against Model Ex-Girlfriend Yasmine Lopez

Los Angeles Lakers big man Christian Wood was just granted a temporary restraining order against his model ex-girlfriend.

via: Daily Mail

Wood reportedly has been granted a temporary restraining order against his ex-girlfriend after he claimed she caused him emotional and mental distress and caused damage to his property.

The 28-year-old forward took his ex-girlfriend – Instagram model Yasmine Lopez – to court after he claims she broke into his house and roughed up one of his cars, according to TMZ.

He reportedly claims that on February 23 of this year, Lopez and her friends climbed a fence at his California residence – and then proceeded to scratch up the hood and doors of his Mercedes-Benz.

Wood then says Lopez entered another vehicle of his, opened the front gate of his house and started walking around his yard.

Neighbors saw what was going on and called the police, which led to Lopez’s arrest.

Wood has an eight-month-old son – Kobe Sean – with Lopez. He reportedly says police told him to pick up his son from Lopez’s friend’s house to avoid any involvement with child protective services.

But he says that she did not hand the child over and that she began ‘making allegations against me and misrepresenting facts to the media to gain favor.’

This is not the first incident that Wood and Lopez have been involved in.

Wood says in August of 2023, Lopez broke into his home, destroyed objects like statues, glass and vases, and attempted to hit him. Wood says police were called and they de-escalated the situation.

In January 2023, when Wood was playing on the Dallas Mavericks, he says Lopez trespassed at his home and spray-painted his Lamborghini.

He is said to believe that she is using his very public work schedule to stalk him, track his location, and vandalize his property. Wood also says she has been physical with him multiple times and has alienated him from their child.

The conditions of the restraining order reportedly demand that Lopez must be 100 yards away from Wood at all times – with the exceptions of ‘brief and peaceful contact’ allowed for conversations about their child.

This restraining order is said to also specifically tell Lopez to ‘not abuse’ Wood, which includes harassing, attacking, hitting, threatening, or stalking him.

Under the conditions of the restraining order, Lopez also cannot possess a firearm while that order is active.

The restraining order expires on March 20.

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