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Kodak Black Blasts Latto For Not Clearing His Name In Sexual Favors Accusation

Latto once revealed that she was having a difficult time clearing songs for her album due to a male artist trying to mix business and pleasure with her. Many believed the artist in question was Kodak Black.

via: HotNewHipHop

Kodak’s Drink Champs appearance yielded a lot of interesting reflections, bombshell statements, and moments of controversy. What might be the most direct and confrontational of them all, though, might just be his new feud with Latto stemming from their collaboration on her 2022 album, 777. Moreover, for those unaware, she had confessed that it was difficult to get an artist (that she kept anonymous) on the album because they wanted sexual favors in order to clear it. Then, fans online assumed that the femcee was talking about Yak, and he just came through with another response to the whole ordeal. According to him, Latto failed to clear his name after Internet accusations went wild, but this brings us no closer to the actual truth.

Basically, the conversation stemmed when N.O.R.E. was doing his typical “this or that” questions to Kodak Black. When asked to pick between Ice Spice and Latto, he sided with the Bronx MC because of the aforementioned situation. Overall, it’s a pretty difficult one to pin down, especially within the “he said, she said” framework that it falls under right now. However, this is far from the first time that Kodak has publicly addressed this issue.

“This whole s**t looked like a damn plot,” Kodak Black expressed during a rant back when Latto beat him out at the 2022 BET Hip-Hop Awards for “Song of the Year.” “Then I look at the ‘gram like what shorty blocked me for? They probably hollerin’ at BET, like don’t give him that s**t. I told [people] weeks ago, ‘Watch, they finna play with me and give it to frappuccino.'” On her end, the Atlanta-based hitmaker used that “frappuccino” title as a brief branding opportunity, clearly showing her unfazed status in the public eye.

Meanwhile, the Broward County rhymer denied that she referred to him with her comments about sexual advances, and made multiple other public statements against her. As such, this remains relatively one-sided.

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